#17 Happiness


A three dimensional aspect is thrown into this piece of art that captures your eye and truly does bring a smile to your face and brought a smile to the participants’ faces when they made it as well. A base coat of bright orange was painted all over the canvas and the bright orange peaks through in some areas as well as around the border. Specks and spots of green and blue are over top of the orange. Brightly colored tissue paper is scrunched up and glued on top of the canvas adding a splash of color and Epsom salt is added in several spots on the canvas giving extra texture and pop to the art. To finish off this piece of art, colorful glitter is sprinkled¬† onto the whole canvas reflecting a beautiful shimmer and shine to it. The glossy coat of glitter allows the three dimensional texture to reflect light, as well as the shimmer from the glitter, causing this art to jump off the canvas.


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