Comments from the Community

     "I referred a client to them. The husband kept saying she would not want to go, but he finally enrolled her. She loves it, and the husband is a different person. They really do a good job."

      "I think what makes the Center so special is their activity program. When I visited, their clients were in small groups and they were getting so much attention. I think we need to remember the importance of socialization for this population. And their art program is incredible."

       "We shared a client who was in and out of Hospice. And I really believe the reason he did well enough to be discharged from Hospice is the care he received at the Adult Care Center."

        "I've never been in the Center, but I drive by it a lot on my way to town. I always love seeing the staff helping their clients get in and out of the car. I see them giving clients hugs and waving to them, and it is just a neat thing."

         "I visited the Center and loved the interaction of the Staff. They were so good to everybody, and there was such calm to the place."

          "The artwork on the wall is amazing. The clients seem so happy. I was so impressed with the staff and their care."

           "I can't believe you do all that you do and only charge what you charge."




"I so appreciate the Winchester Adult Care Center. It has been such a wondrful place to take my mom. The staff is all very welcoming and friendly, greeting us at the door when I drop mom off. The programming is stimulating and fun. Jane is always very accommodating and positive. The overall atmosphere is just pleasant. I am so thankful we have such a wonderful service in our community."

Lisa Carey

Family Member of a Center Participant


"My mother loves to go to the Adult Care Center. She looks forward to her scheduled days. She has energy and joy after a day at the Center! I appreciate the staff, which clearly loves the clients. They attend to details and know mom very well! I am SO glad we found the Adult Center."



" . . . our community is fortunate to have a place like the Adult Care Center, where the

elderly served are not viewed in the context of disability, but viewed as adults who are held in high regard and remain with the capacity to engage in activities that are both experiential and educational.  As they continue to grow and find meaning, even at this state of their lives, we, too, are enriched in the context of such service."


Michael Rohrbacher, Ph.D.

Director of Music Therapy



"My wife, Genevieve, attended the Care Center daily for just over a year. She loved the experience, and I appreciated the respite the Center afforded me.

Genevieve blossomed in the presence of her caretakers and co-attendees. She thought you were all great companions and speaks fondly of what a nice compatible group you all were!

Being with you daily inspired her. In early years she was in demand as a soloist [and occassional cabaret singer], but had not sung for many years until she joined the Center. Her solo at Christmas was, I thought, perfect. And your conversations inspired her to recall many poems, ditties, and family events that I had not known.

Her wardrobe extends to the 1950's, although now mostly too big for here diminitive frame. I enjoyed laying out outfits for here and she basked in the compliments she received.

Thank you for her great year."


Robert Boxley


"My mom has been attending for nearly two years now- 2 days a week. The staff is always very welcoming and caring. I

know I am leaving her in good hands. The programming is very interactive and stimulating. It has met a need for both mom and I. I would highly recommend it!

Lisa Carey

Participant Caregiver


"Anna B enjoys her days spent at the Adult Care Center. She loves the singing, games and the workers. They are so kind and loving to everyone. They sit and talk to everyone. Before going there Anna spent all her days home alone watching T.V. She is very social and loves her days at the Center.

Anna Bellem




"Thank you for making ACC such a hard place to leave! My seven months here were rich in learning, but also in joy. Your dedication to the participants shines in everything you do. You are all an inspiration to me."

Nancy M.

Music Therapy Intern Student


What can I say about the Adult Care Center? It is a godsend! The Adult Care Center provides quality care for my mother that translates into peace of mind for me. My mother is able to be a part of something. She is able to socialize and interact without embarrassment or intimidation. Her days are productive and filled with fun and contentment. Even more than all the superlatives, it is the staff that means the most to me. Jane and her staff are wonders! They are an inspiration to me and constant reminder that I am blessed. Their genuine interest, generosity and patience motivate me to be a better person. They set a great example that helps me remain positive and optimistic. 



--Susan Gallagher






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