Our Activities and Therapy Programs

Throughout the day participants engage in a variety of activities that stimulate the mind, exercise the body, challenge the intellect, and raise the spirit through positive social interaction.

The Adult Care Center offers a number of therapeutic programs, including:

  • Exercise Programs - ROM including 1 and 2 pound weights, pedal exercisers
    and medicine balls
  • Group Music Therapy*            
  • Therapeutic Touch**
  • Spirituality Sessions
  • Weekly Film Showings
  • Luncheons

*By a degreed Music Therapist

**By a Registered Nurse


Programs and therapies are administered using practices recommended through therapy studies and training. Periodically, outside consultants assess certain programs to advise us on improvements, new developments, frequency of activities, safety considerations and other recommendations.                                


 January 2018 Activity Calendar


February 2018 Activity Calendar