“My mom has been attending for nearly two years now- 2 days a week. The staff is always very welcoming and caring. I know I am leaving her in good hands. The programming is very interactive and stimulating. It has met a need for both mom and I. I would highly recommend it!”

Lisa Carey, Participant Caregiver

Anna B enjoys her days spent at the Adult Care Center. She loves the singing, games and the workers. They are so kind and loving to everyone. They sit and talk to everyone. Before going there Anna spent all her days home alone watching T.V. She is very social and loves her days at the Center.”

Anna Bellem, Participant

“Thank you for making ACC such a hard place to leave! My seven months here were rich in learning, but also in joy. Your dedication to the participants shines in everything you do. You are all an inspiration to me.”

Nancy M., Music Therapy Intern Student

Comments from the Community

“I referred a client to them. The husband kept saying she would not want to go, but he finally enrolled her. She loves it, and the husband is a different person. They really do a good job.”

“I think what makes the Center so special is their activity program. When I visited, their clients were in small groups and they were getting so much attention. I think we need to remember the importance of socialization for this population. And their art program is incredible.”

   “We shared a client who was in and out of Hospice. And I really believe the reason he did well enough to be discharged from Hospice is the care he received at the Adult Care Center.”

“I’ve never been in the Center, but I drive by it a lot on my way to town. I always love seeing the staff helping their clients get in and out of the car. I see them giving clients hugs and waving to them, and it is just a neat thing.”

“I visited the Center and loved the interaction of the Staff. They were so good to everybody, and there was such calm to the place.”

   “The artwork on the wall is amazing. The clients seem so happy. I was so impressed with the staff and their care.”

  “I can’t believe you do all that you do and only charge what you charge.”

I am the primary caregiver for my wife, Vicki, who was diagnosed with early onset dementia almost 10 years ago. Vicki has been a regular at the Center since August ,2011. For us, the Adult Care Center was an easy choice. There are many factors to consider in selecting a day care program, but at the end of the day the only criterion that really matters is “care”. By this I mean the love and support, for example, that a family would give to one of their own.
I have noticed that Vicki always has a smile on her face when I drop her off at the Center in the morning. I know, and I think she shows, that she will be in good hands just as she would be at home. I know that she will be safe, and will receive the love and care of the Center’s staff, both professionals and volunteers. Even better, I know that she will be engaged in a range of activities and socialization that I could not give her.
Over the years I have met and worked with the Center’s staff, and have met several of the Center’s Board Members. I could not ask for a more dedicated, caring, and professional group of people. For us, the Center has always seemed like “family”. And I mean that in the truest sense of the word.
– Robert Derrico

My Dad had been living with us since my Mom died. He was in the early stages of dementia. I wanted him to have more out of life than sitting in the recliner with his dog in his lap and sleeping all day. His social interactions were pretty much limited to my husband and me. The local senior center didn’t seem to be quite the right fit, but I was directed to Jane Bauknecht at the ACC. After a visit and discussion, I could see it was the right

 fit to give my Dad a place he could look forward to going 2 days a week. It was also a place I could feel comfortable sending him so I could do errands and take care of other business.He had a great time! There were people he enjoyed laughing and talking with. He loved any activity related to food. The staff managed to make him exercise without his exactly being aware of it. He enjoyed the music. Activities stimulated him–I believe holding off the effects of dementia. In short, the ACC gave meaning and pleasure to the last years of his life, in a way I could not alone.
Because the ACC did so much for my family, my husband and I have continued to support it with our time and money in the 9 years since my Dad died. I have been a Board member, and my husband and I are now very pleased to be Honorary Board Members. I continue to volunteer at the Center. On Wednesday afternoons, a group of ladies and I quilt. They enjoy the small group activity, using a skill they don’t have much opportunity to use. We’ve even had a few who never sewed learn to do the hand stitching. There is usually a music activity going on in the adjoining room. We sing along. I hear a lot of laughter! – Diane Shipe

“All good things must come to an end.”  The end of the Adult Care Center was sad for my cousin who had to leave due to being admitted to a nursing home. The Center had been the center of her life for two years. When the weekends approached she would also be ready to go. The staff at the Center is so very caring. They look out for the family as well as their loved ones. The different activities are created for each member to choose from and a delight to see how they enjoy singing, playing musical instruments, Bingo, movies, art, and trivia. The first question my cousin asked when arriving at the nursing home was “Where is the Center?” Thank you Jane and the entire staff for her wonderful care during the past two years.”-  Margaret Makowski, Caregiver